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California Supreme Court: Civil Penalties for Employers Accused of Violating California’s Occupational Safety and Health Act

On Feb. 8, 2017, the California Supreme Court ruled that California law allows local prosecutors to pursue civil penalties against employers accused of workplace-safety violations under California’s Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal OSHA).  Solus Indus. Innovations, LLC v. Superior Court, No. S222314, 2018 WL 771814 (Cal. Feb. 8, 2018).  This means that California employers … Continue Reading

OSHA Continues to Make Changes to Its Enforcement Procedures for Reporting Requirements

Hey employer, remember that workplace injury that you reported to OSHA a few months ago? You remember, right? The one where after you gave OSHA information about the workplace injury, like the root cause of the incident, and a few days later OSHA informed you that it considered the matter “closed.” Well guess what? OSHA … Continue Reading

Secretary of Labor v. U.S. Steel Corporation, Inc. and OSHA’s Continued Stand Against Employer Retaliation

Employers, do your safety policies and procedures require employees to immediately report their injuries? Do you discipline employees for failing to follow your safety policies and procedures? Most employers with safety programs in place probably answered “yes” to both of those questions and probably believe that both of those propositions are central to managing their … Continue Reading

EEOC Offers Guidance on Workplace Accommodations

On May 15, 2013, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) issued revised guidance for employers with respect to employees with epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, and intellectual disabilities. The guidance is contained in the EEOC publication “Disability Discrimination: The Questions and Answers Series,” and is posted on the EEOC’s website, The recommendations address the expanded definitions … Continue Reading

Bullying in the Workplace

With a greater concentration of resources being placed on eliminating bullying at school and incorporation of anti-bullying themes in television shows, it should be no surprise that attention is being focused on bullying in the workplace. In a 2010 survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute, 35 percent of the American workforce reported being bullied at work. Bullying occurs at all levels within an organization and can originate from both men and women.… Continue Reading

NLRB Guidance on Social Media Activities

We have been following actions taken by the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) in the emerging world of social media (Social Media Posts and Concerted Activity). In an effort to offer guidance to employers about developments arising in the context of social media, the NLRB’s Acting General Counsel issued a report discussing the Board’s positions … Continue Reading