Employers operating in New Jersey must now “conspicuously post” the attached gender equity poster in a place accessible to their New Jersey employees.  Employers can satisfy this requirement by posting the notice on a company internet/intranet site for exclusive use by employees and accessible to all employees.

In addition, employers must provide their employees with a written copy of the notice.  For all employees hired on or before January 6, 2014, written notice must be provided no later than February 5, 2014.  For employees hired after January 6, 2014, written notice must be provided at the time of hire.  This written notice can be provided via (i) email delivery, (ii) printed material (e.g., a paycheck insert or attachment to an employee manual), or (iii) the internet/intranet site.  Employers must also provide the written notice to all employees annually, and upon any employee’s request.  The written notice must be accompanied by an acknowledgement that the employee has received the notice and has read and understands its terms.

These requirements are explained in the attached December 2013 Update.  Both the Update and Poster are available for download on the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s website: http://lwd.dol.state.nj.us/.