Feds Step Up Scrutiny of Severance and Confidentiality Agreements: How Will Your Agreements Fare?

Given recent legal challenges and enforcement actions by the SEC, EEOC and other government agencies, it is time for all companies, but especially public companies, to review and update their employee confidentiality and severance agreements.

Join us for a timely webinar presentation on what employers need to consider to make sure their agreements are compliant with the law, while still protecting confidential business information and precluding separating employees from receiving double recoveries.

Our panel of Labor and Employment and Securities Litigation attorneys will discuss government agency scrutiny of confidentiality and separation agreements, best practices for such agreements, and possible remedial action to take with respect to prior agreements to avoid SEC fines and penalties.

Topics of Discussion 

  • Why companies regulated by the SEC should review their severance and confidentiality agreement templates to avoid SEC fines and penalties
  • The EEOC’s, NLRB’s, and other agencies’ positions on severance and confidentiality provisions and why all employers (and not just those regulated by the SEC) may need to update their agreement templates
  • Remedial actions to consider taking with respect to pre-existing agreements to avoid SEC fines and penalties
  • The Second Circuit’s surprising expansion of Dodd-Frank “whistleblower” exposure
  • Adding model language to agreement templates in order to take maximum advantage of the recent Defense of Trade Secrets Act

The webinar will be presented on each of the dates provided below. We hope you join us to learn what your organization can do to put effective confidentiality agreements in place that appropriately protect corporate information, while complying with laws protecting corporate whistleblowers.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016 12:30 through Thursday, October 6, 2016 1:30